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Valeria Mazza


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On 7/23/2021 at 10:07 AM, BLtheKid said:

Does anyone know (or can perhaps advise me how to find) the original source of this photo? I've done the easy part of doing a Google Image search but that didn't lead anywhere...



It is from an argentinian magazine called GENTE, this is a previous post with almost all the pictures containing in the magazine. 

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Not expecting anything but trying this here just in case...I'm looking for the following photo...


The model (Valeria Mazza is my best guess) has roughly shoulder-length dirty to light blond hair. I believe she was sitting on a beach or sand dune, with her feet a little lower than the rest of her body and her arms maybe resting in her lap, on her knees or between her legs. She was wearing I guess what would be called a white peasant blouse/dress (I think it laced-up in the upper part). Bare shoulders - I think. With either sandals or bare feet.

But, the most distinctive part - she is wearing maybe 15 or 20 white and silver bangles on each arm and they're all spread out. The easiest way to find the photo is to look for a lot of bracelets or bangles (that will eliminate almost all photos from consideration immediately and you will come across only a few that will have any chance of being the photo I'm looking for). She is by herself in the photo and I believe is facing at least slightly to the reader's right as you look at the photo.

There was some kind of vacation/bohemian theme in this editorial. 
I think the first page of the six or seven page editorial was my photo and in the last the model was maybe kneeling on a sand dune in a white billowing dress with a big cross dangling way down.


I remember the particular issue itself was on the thin side and believe my photo was in the first editorial somewhere between pages 115-135. I feel as though the cover background was white or possibly blue.


This probably comes from Harper's Bazaar or Elle (either Hong Kong, Korea or Taiwan) in the Jan-Jul 1999 period. There is also a possibility with Vogue Korea July 1999. I'm trying to get help from librarians over there but they seem iffy right now...


A little more background on the actual search below...


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US Vogue September 1993

"Independent's Day"

with Plum Sykes, Michele Hicks, Bridget Hall, Cecilia Dean?, Lucie de la Falaise, Patti Wilson, Kristen McMenamy, Christy Turlington, Shalom Harlow & Unknowns

Photographer: Steven Meisel

Fashion Editor: Grace Coddington

Hair: Garren

Makeup: Denise Markey





Vogue Archive

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On 8/13/2021 at 10:55 AM, ArianaVSCouture said:

@valeadicto, so good to have you back with this awesome Valeria editorial!!! 😍 Is it new?

Hey! How long... right? Nice to meet you, again. I loved it at first sight, this one is quite new. May 2021 (Published on May 14, 2021  )

I love how strong she looks, so fierce. She's got Venus in Aries, She considered herself as a tomboy in childhood, her energy is powerful and masculine like the amazon women. I love that. 


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Hey, @valeadicto! It's been a while, LOL! 2 years! :) But now I'm happy knowing you're safe and healthy. 

OMG, I love this Marie Claire editorial! It's perfect! She is perfect! So classy, elegant and beautiful. Valeria really is ageless. Love, love, love her! ❤️❤️❤️ 



This one is 🔥. Definitely will be my new avatar! ;) 


Thank you for the Gai Mattiolo runway. Stunning! 

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Istante Spring/Summer 1996

Models: Annie Morton, Trish Goff, Farrah Summerford, Carolyn Murphy, Stella Tennant; Karen Mulder, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell; Kristen McMenamy, Shalom Harlow, Gianne Albertoni, Christina Kruse, Kirsty Hume, Amber Valletta, Helena Christensen & Valeria Mazza

KarenM_IstanteSS96-01.thumb.jpg.4bf461f95aa89635e8cf77158feb2256.jpg KarenM_IstanteSS96-02.thumb.jpg.17b9db8fbd3df551e283e6475868c006.jpg

My scans

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