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The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

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50 minutes ago, Prettyphile said:

Can we just make this a reality please, and then you can let the rest go.



Yara, Vita, Grace, Jo, Taylor & Jasmine :heart:

Needs someone with a better booty and better rack :ermm: 

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'He grabbed me, then touched my genitals. Girls were crying everywhere': 17-year-old tells of horror after mob of 'foreign youths' sexually assault 35 females as young as 12 at Swedish music festival
Police say attacks happened during Sweden's 'Party in the Park' festival
Authorities said that the perpetrators are 'young men, who are foreigners'
Officers have arrested two boys, both living at a nearby asylum centre
Victim Alexandra Larsson, 17, has waived anonymity to describe her ordeal


>> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3673304/At-35-girls-aged-12-17-sexually-assaulted-foreign-youths-Swedish-music-festival-scenes-similar-Cologne-New-Year-attacks.html


>> http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/06/world/europe/swedish-police-investigate-over-40-reports-of-rape-and-groping-at-2-music-festivals.html?_r=0


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So much for Obama's legacy of ending the two wars Bush started.


Turns out the enemy gets a vote.


It's a shame he was unable to recognize that from the beginning.




But Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya.......all totally acceptable terrorist safe havens.....

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1 hour ago, PinkCouture said:

Wish I could take a nap now... a010.gif


Saaaaame. Cuddle and nap sounds amazinggggg right now. Fly to Chicago please.


16 minutes ago, ILUVAdrianaLima said:

I hate my knee right now :cry:


I hate your knee too right now. It's being a complete jackass.


just kidding...if it's in pain I just blew your knee a kiss through my IPad...it should be all better soon.

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