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April 3rd (Wrestlemania).


I've eaten clean since January 1st :hang:and I'm looking forward to my cheat day.


It doesn't help when you see shit like this on snapchat and that they're making a Willy Wonka themed restaurant at Universal Studios in Orlando.






Nd95tcp.jpg 0qOyZkN.jpg 4gmFkKU.jpg 


4GLilir.jpg nrUBGmZ.jpg PLdgjbT.jpg 


5ezdoua.jpg 6dO3BYP.jpg 3oXWsJn.jpg 


MolWmVA.jpg 6mGVl9u.jpg

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3 minutes ago, Prettyphile said:

What happened?!

So the last week and half I've been getting these little one second spasms or what feels like popcorn popping in the microwave but in both of my legs and all over.  I kind of blew it off thinking it was from working out or something. Well today, I felt something like an electric jolt right in the middle of my chest and I ended up fainting....woke up about 20-30 seconds later and jumped in a cab and went to the E.R..

Heart, Blood, Lungs, everything checked out all good. Had an EKG, Chest X-Ray, and I think an Ultra Sound on my legs for Blood Clots? I was a little fuzzy when they were doing that. But all that checked out so they think I have a damaged nerve somewhere. So they're scheduling more tests. But I just got home, I feel fine other than the weird popping in my legs. So IDK.

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