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The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

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11 hours ago, lostdiadem said:

I like the fact that this site is read by models but I hate the fact that they only take the bad comments and post them somewhere else to make bad promo of this site when it’s even full of fans who appreciate their work and they are never considered, or if they are, they are considered as stalkers or perverts.

what models?

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35 minutes ago, Stormbringer said:

ANOTHER SPIDER (tiny, but still a spider...) :cry::cry::cry: 




Patu digua is a very small species of spider. The male holotype and female paratype were collected from Rio Digua, near Queremal, Valle del Cauca in Colombia.


By some accounts it is the smallest spider in the world, as males reach a body size of only about 0.37 mm - roughly one fifth the size of the head of a pin. However, there are other spider species of similar size where only the female is known; and male spiders are generally smaller.


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In case you didn't check skype:


I'm ordering your Christmas stuff atm, and it won't let me put in my state!
I may have to send everything to Whitney, and then have her pick them up in the States and send them to you.
I think I got it!
So you'll have three boxes coming to your house over the next 2-3 months


As soon as I get tracking numbers I'll PM you...


Updated: 5 boxes :rofl: 

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