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Hey Capt

I removed the avatar and tried to reinstall, now it won't let me reinstall an avatar to either account

I don't know what to do...........I even set up another account mesakid......same thing I can access everthing but the subforums of Adriana, Ale, ABB, Gisele, Megan, Petra and other babes....same thing on azkid mesakid and if I don't sign in at all......something is not letting me access these subforums ........any suggestions

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You cant access any of the models subforums?

I believe Spark knows about the avatar issue already, and he's probably working on that.

I was having some trouble getting into threads earlier as well. :/ But Spark fixed that problem.

He was online a bit earlier, he is probably working out some kinks this afternoon or something.

I'll see what I can do in terms of fixing your avatar problem. ;)

Don't let me forget you have two accounts registered, so I can get rid of one when this is all worked out. :)

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Ok, the Avatar thing has something to do with the forums hosting of your avatar, as you see your avatar now works, but only because I linked to it off site.

I think someone found that out earlier, but I'm tired and don't remember. :laugh:

I'm sure Spark will fix it for everyone. :)

You can get rid of that avatar I uploaded if you want.

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