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it's here (bottom left).

if anyone is willing to upload a 700mb or higher quality version, please PM me for login details. :p

wait, ignore that, i just noticed someone posted a torrent to a 700mb one in another thread. :p i'll download that and put it in the same folder.

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ok it's down:

again, available here.

(this time the 700mb one is in the bottom left, and the 350mb is the bottom right - i really need to make the filenames more readable)

for the audio you'll need the ac3 codec (it's 5.1 surround - whoosh!), and video is xvid again i believe.

my connection is 10mbit (1280kb/s), but i've never gotten over 900kb/s for a torrent. the server that is hosting those videos is 100mbit.

also: i'm off to bed (as should you two! it's like well past midnight on a weeknight for us)

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is that version 300mb just shorter or different

On slea's site it's written that the 300Mo vid lasts 44:01 and the bigger one 44:20 so i guess it's just a difference of quality (ok, and 19s lol)

BTW, Thank you very much Slea :)

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