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chat 4 gurls only!ages 14+


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this just rolls rite off my back

<a href=http://home.neopets.com/templates/homepage.phtml?pet_name=SilentGuyNumber9>

<img src=http://xs36.xs.to/pics/05271/stereodlm.jpg></a>


So, you are saying that you are a homogenous individual (yes, I know it's a stupid oxymoron)? What a shame!

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Maddog can't wait to get his hands on a 14 year old :ninja:  :p j/k

<_< nah just I dont think we should attack new people, not exactly the impression we want to give to new members. We will never get more members acting that way.

And for you info, she has said that she aint never comeing back. So I was rigth and yall scared her off.

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@ i love adrianna: yeah right :yuckky:


I haventleft 4 good, just twice a month ill be on, and feel free to  send my pms. even hateful ones. cause i just may say something twice as hateful back, im full of come-backs :evil:


That's the spirit!

See, her English is improving already.

A few more flaming sessions from us, she will type with immaculate spelling and grammar!

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This thread is so .... errmm..... different, shall we say.

The title is very.... interesting...

"chat 4 GURLEYS only! ages 14+ for MATURE topics! such as PERIODS and other STUFFZ!" (Okay, fine, I changed it a little bit.)

I am sorry, it's just bringing back old stuff. very old stuff.

BTW: I don't remember Ronald McDonald saying that...

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