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Classic Actresses CHAMPIONS LEAGUE


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SF1 Gene Tierney vs Grace Kelly 6-14

SF2 Romy Schneider vs Brigitte Bardot 7-13

5-8 Mylene Demongeot vs Elizabeth Taylor 11-9

5-8 Marilyn Monroe vs Audrey Hepburn 7-13

9-12 Vivien Leigh vs Jane Fonda 12-8

9-12 Sophia Loren vs Rita Hayworth 9-11

13-16 Ursula Andress vs Kim Novak 14-6

13-16 Sharon Tate vs Lauren Bacall 8-12

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FINAL & 3rd to 16th POSITIONS:

1-2 Grace Kelly vs Brigitte Bardot

3-4 Gene Tierney vs Romy Schneider

5-6 Mylene Demongeot vs Audrey Hepburn

7-8 Elizabeth Taylor vs Marilyn Monroe

9-10 Vivien Leigh vs Rita Hayworth

11-12 Jane Fonda vs Sophia Loren

13-14 Ursula Andress vs Lauren Bacall

15-16 Kim Novak vs Sharon Tate

DEADLINE: Friday 20th November at 24:00 CET (Paris), 18:00 EDT (New York), and a minimum of 20 votes, or 21 in case there is a draw.

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