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Model ID Rain of Ads: 277 to go

steve with an s

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Oh, that's great. Thank you both.

14. Stephanie Romanov. Lovely, little seen.

I don't know Stephanie at all. Thanks for the ID.

Here is her page at Marlowe's site, if anyone is interested: http://www.modelscomposites.com/getlist.ph...ov&year=all

I also found this post from AngelLover on tFS, which suggest the other GUCCI ad is Stephanie too.


The ads are from March and then April 1993, so they are very close date-wise, and I think it's a solid ID.

18. I think that's Cindy Waite

What a coincidence! I had just been looking at Cindy for another possible picture ID. This is another tough one for me. There isn't a lot I can find on her, even just text-wise to identify her with an ad.

From Marlowe's site, this is grab of Cindy, next to a different copy of the ad (from eBay):


What do you think? According to Cindy's comp card, eye color and hair color and dates are all okay for her as an ID for this ad. Still, I'm leaning towards a "No". What do you think?

Good suggestion, and thank you.

Dorota Wojcik, Kristina Semenovskaya, Susie Bick

I didn't know those models at all. Thank you very much for the IDs.

6.Ines De la Fressange

Oh, yes, of course.

Korravai is going to :clobber: me.

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Thank you again for your help. I really appreciate it.

Dorota Wojcik

Based on just looks, I thought it looked like a good ID. But I don't think Dorota is feasible.

That DIOR POISON ad is from 1986. I double-checked, and here is the page from NYM:


The ad is from 1986. So I think the dates are wrong for it to be Dorota. She would have to be born no later than about 1970, and would be about 40 years old now. The two birth dates I have seen for her are 1979 and 1985, which make more sense if she did runway work as late as 2005.

bwgreyscale has this exact ad ID'd as Dorota, but I think the dates just don't match.

What do you think? Did I convince you it is not her?

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On 2/28/2011 at 1:15 AM, fender said:

1--Roberta Chirko :wub:, photo taken before '89,probably-Please Steve post the pic in her thread :wave:.

@fender sorry but she is not Roberta Chirko.She is an argentinian model called Cecilia de Bocourt.In this interivew from a Spanish RAGAZZA magazine(1#)she told this pic you posted of her (I lost precisely that page) was her first important job,an advertising of Giorgio Armani who personally single out in her.

The 2# are from an italian advertising of her, # 3 an spanish magazine cover mia and the last one from an italian ELLE 

1#-img010-5.thumb.jpg.5e7f3b8bbc32c275674453269179cdf9.jpg 2#-808-22.thumb.jpg.cf9853cc3bfd26459e0a0db1bab2dfa5.jpg 3#-1805486202_CeciliadeBocourt.thumb.jpg.96ae93e2fad892de8eb7bc7f15d08230.jpg 4#img518.thumb.jpg.ae6e170a93d9908cc356be6126ee24ab.jpg

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