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my english is not perfect so it's a bit hard to explain.

this is not really a problem but something strange i saw.

sometimes when i read a thread, i just read 1 page, they count it as 2 views. :blink:

and i don't understand why...

for example i selected the thread "Keep On or Turn Off .. the Radio ?" with 4,409 views, i just read the last page and when i came back at the Music section the thread counted 4,411views... and it's all the time like this, even with the very old and forgotten threads.

it's a bit sad because we can't see the real thread's views, they are wrong.

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no this is not a guest because i often read old topics totally forgotten (the kind of threads with 300 or 500 views in 3 or 4 years...) and the view doesn't change during days and when i read the thread they add "2" views.

and it must be strange that somebody read the same old topic in same time... and it's always like this XXXXD

i notice when it's a thread with one page in 8 times in 10 it just count as "1" view but when it's a thread with 2 pages or more the first page counts "2" view and after the other pages count just "1" view.

for example i will read a thread of 2 page, i will read the 2 pages and the forum will count 3 views.

i think it's a bit curious and it doesn't come from my computer because i noticed it when i was in the south of france, and i saw the same problem on my laptop and my "normal" computer in paris...

just try, i think you could see it by yourself.

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