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6 hours ago, RocketQueen said:

Lagerfeld Photo Fragrance, 1991

Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld (?)


That's correct, the photo credit is Lagerfeld.  I always liked that ad, though I've been doing photography for ages and that's probably at least partly why.  But it's like a toned black and white and one cool thing is the font they used for "PHOTO" is how the word would look on a camera's datascreen.  It's got that alarm clock LCD style.  Wasn't as much a fan of the actual cologne though.  That ad seems to be somewhat rare in the usual fashion mags.  I don't how big an ad buy they did, but there just don't seem to be a lot of those ads in the usual fashion mags.  Though maybe the target market was men and they expect that demo isn't reading a lot of Vogue.  A different version is in Sports Illustrated March 9, 1992, p 13




and a photo credit for Lagerfeld is in the left edge.

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On 1/3/2020 at 4:24 PM, RocketQueen said:

Is it Laurence?


"movers and shakers"


Photographer: Oliviero Toscani





unknown source

 i think so yes. I hope one day to see a Clin d'Oeil cover of her i had in like, 1988 maybe. Its a small Canadian magazine, so not holding my breath! lol.

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