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Where is your favorite place?


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:p :hug:

One of my favorite places is Starbucks. :heart:

there is a starbucks at 15meters of my building :laugh: but i never go in a starbuck.

by the way, even if i wanna move in united states and peru i hate travel.

this is not my cup of tea. i'm not a good tourist. :laugh: :ninja:

the only travel in enjoy, it's on the road and follow rock band or be in the tour bus. :laugh:

if someone proposed me to go in carebbeans, i certainely refused and i will stay at home without regrets or hesitations. (i fact, i always made this choice :whistle: )

on only place where i really would like to go is in the Amish Communauty, because there are totally cut of the world.

they life style is so different. that's great... but in same time, the last year, when i looked for informations about them i saw "dirty" things :ninja: like mattress cover of old piss... :x

so i don't know... XD

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