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Cannabis is good for you!


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I don't know.

I hate how studies are so inconclusive, or if they are conclusive, a replication of the study can lead to different results...

So what I end up doing is I just take the drugs, and use my life to gamble on it. Maybe it sounds worse than it really is when I put it that way... :|

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Here's my plan: if I live to be really old, then at some point when my future isn't so important I'm gonna experiment with all sorts of shit. Yeah, I know it isn't something to aspire to but that's just who I am...


All sorts of shit? Would that include animal sex?

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X dissolves the synapses in your brain... I dunno about you, but I'd rather not have holes all over my thinker. I'm not much for a drug that gives you lockjaw, causes dehydration with possibility of death, or threatens my penis's ability to erect. heh :ninja:

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weed is probably the safest drug, but its in no way good for u... unfiltered smoke alone is enough to kill u, ur not supposed to inhale any foreign smokes into ur lungs - including weed. i still smoke it tho... if u ask me the positives outweigh the negatives :)

coke rots out ur nasal cavity and after a while will start rotting away ur nose

X puts a hole about the size of a marble in ur brain with each use, but i know kids who have done hundreds or more over time and they are still "normal"... its still bad for u tho and i have yet to see the longterm effects to those freinds. its a blast tho when u do them, and then u grow out of them and theyre not fun anymore. just make sure u smoke weed(kicks it in faster) and drink water (but not too much water or ull die and by too much i mean like more than a gallon, just drink casually throughout the night to make sure u dont get dehydrated)

crack totally fucks u up. dont smoke crack, its very bad for ur lungs and brain and body in general. do urself a favor and just dont smoke crack

heroine is the worst thing u can do. its all artificial substances, and anything man made is probably not too good for u. it fucks with ur veins, ur heart, ur whole body- organs and all. ur better off doin every drug at once than doin heroine once because god only knows what ur injecting.

then theres shrooms, lsd, pills of all sorts, and the minor drugs like speed and what not. drugs are pretty much all bad for u, but what isnt nowerdays. the candy bar u eat or the soda u drink is probably 10 times worse for u than weed, look at coca cola. ill never drink coke again, and u wont either if u knew that it can take the rust off of a nail. go ahead if u dont believe me. put a rusty nail in a cup of coke and like 2 days later the rust will be gone.... ur better off just not doing the serious drugs in general, and pills are the most addictive thing no matter what anyone tells u. i know some kids who are totally fucked after takings Oxy's for less than half a year. dont do pills

AND DONT EVER take an upper with an upper, or a downer with a downer.... like if ur rollin(on ectasy) and u take an upper ur heart will be beating too fast and working way too hard and u could have a heart attack. same with downers, ur heart could stop. I stay away from pills and you should too, they are all bad for u no matter what anyone says. even headache medicines are bad for ur liver.....

this isnt meant to tell u to take drugs, or to tell u the safe ones. ur better off not doing drugs at all and just worry about getting straight As in school. trust me... when u smoke weed the last place u want to be is in school. dont do drugs if u know whats good for u, and dont ever sell drugs if u dont know any druggies, cuz people want their money and u better have it for them :)


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