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Arthur Sales


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An interview! :woot:

Here's the transaltion. Sorry for any mistranslations or misspelings. (:

This 18-year-old hottie was in law school and enjoying his life in Recife (PE) when the model career knocked his door. Arthur Sales [probably misspelled in the interview, since everywhere else it has just one L] said yes and the fashion world love it!

The results so far? Pictures with singer Shakira for Vanity Fair, shows for international brands and soon many more pictures, runways and magazines in Spain. [i like this part, haha]

Arthur, how did it all start?

I was in my city, easy, practicing jiu-jitsu, enjoying my friends, starting law school e all of a sudden a friend, who's a model, told me I had the profile to work in the area too. He presented me to EPModels and everything begun!

Why were you in law school? Never though of being a model?

Because I liked it, it was something I wanted to do. About being a model, I don't find me ugly, but I never thought I could work in this. To enter the profession I had to change my alimentar habits, work out more, gain some wheight and everything. I gave up school because I couldn't reconcile it with the new work anymore.

And how was shooting with Shakira for Vanity Fair?

I walked for DSquared and backstage a guy saw me fooling with the Brazilians and asked to take half a dozen pitcures. I had no idea he was a Vanity Fair director. Two days after he called my agency and I was in Paris to shoot with Shakira.

Was it nice shoot with her?

It was great. I just was a bit sad cause I wanted to dance with her. (laughs)

Are you a fan?

I find her work very interesting. Have always liked Shakira. Besides, she's so pretty. Actually, she's much prettier in person. She laughed at me in the shoot, saying I was looking like a famous actor.

And are you engaged?

I'm single now, focused in my career. It's tough to keep a relationship traveling all the time like I am right now.

But can't you meet interesting girls in Europe, for example?

(Laughs). Oh, yes! That's the good part. European gals are very pretty and the like the Brazilians. I met an European model in Milan, but it wasn't anything serious.

And what's your ideal kind of girl?

I like the Brazilians. No doubt about it. They have a better body, their way with things, they're more extroverted, nicer. I like intelligent gals. It's not only the body that matters.

From what we've seen, Arthur isn't just a body and a face.

This new face has everything to be big. And we're rooting for him!

translation by me. interview via limy @ tFS.

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