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Daniel Giordano


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Yeah! Thank you ! I've looked for other pics of this guys for so long ! Do you have any other pics of him or website were I can find pics of him ? I didn't know about this movie, are you shure it's "Whores" ? I have found no info about it. On the Imdb there is a movie call "Whore" but he is not in the cast.



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OK, the movie was actually just called "WHORE", and he is credited as "Danny Dubiel", IMDb link here: IMBd movie "Whore", so I was pretty close right? I still cant find the movie on Amazon, i guess it was not put in to large production, so good luck finding it. As for more pictures of him, ill post the last I have, but there less pictures and more contact sheets. Some other links people might be interested in: Model portfolio of Daniel Giordano and Danny Dubiel Talent Profile, 2nd one is more recent. Lets hope someone has more. :wave:

WOW! Where are the thumbnails from your post above from? How do I get them full size? Were they on a CD or something?

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I think that he was in "Superbad".  At the big high school party, Jonah Hill's character Seth is pouring shots for everyone and says, "Let's do a shot for Seth!",  Danny's reply is , "Who the fuck is Seth"?  Mr. Giordano, or Dubiel is by far one of the hottest guys I have ever seen.  There are many more pictures of him out there.  He looks great with a shaved head, and also with blonde hair.  

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