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Angelina Jolie


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Is it true that she`s gonna sue The Sun?


Heres the article

Angelina tackles 'The Sun' over claims about adopted daughter

By Oliver Marre

Published: 31 August 2005

Angelina Jolie looks set to become the latest Hollywood celebrity to come to legal blows with the British red tops.

The actress has been angered by reports in The Sun that Jolie's adopted daughter was not, as she believed, an orphan.

The newspaper claimed last week that it had tracked down Zahara's mother to Ethiopia, where they found 18-year-old Mentewab Dawit alive and interviewed her.

Yesterday, Jolie was insisting that the story in The Sun is untrue and that Zahara's mother is dead. The star of Tomb Raider had already been in touch with her London-based solicitors, Schillings, to discuss bringing a legal action against the paper for invasion of privacy.

The Sun is standing firmly by its story. A spokesman said: "We have not been notified of any legal action against us and we stand by the story absolutely."

Meanwhile, Jolie's solicitor confirmed that he is in discussions with his client over the report: "I've not yet been issued with instructions to commence legal actions," he tells me. "But I am speaking to her again this afternoon."

Jolie, who is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations, has been subject to persistent speculation about her friendship with Brad Pitt, with whom she has been close since they filmed Mr and Mrs Smith together last year.

Pitt subsequently split up with his wife and fellow actor Jennifer Aniston, and has since been photographed at Jolie's home in Buckinghamshire.


and those pictures of her... absolutley gorgeous! as usual

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