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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009 (PRE-SHOW Thread)


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Great that ABB is back. She looked really royal when she closed in 2007. (Y)

Hope to see Tavares again. She's so sweet in her earnest way. :heart:

And it is really really strange to have to expect a show without Adriana. She has been there for ten years!

Imho she's the epitome of the show like nobody else. :ermm:

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1. Alessandra Ambrosio

2. Marisa Miller

3. Doutzen Kroes

4. Miranda Kerr

5. Candice Swanepoel

6. Emanuela de Paula

7. Rosie Huntington

8. Lindsay Ellingson

9. Chanel Iman

10. Caroline Winberg

11. Anne Vyalitsyna

12. Ana Beatriz Barros

13. Selita Ebanks

14. Liu Wen

15. Shannan Click

16. Noemie Lenoir

17. Lindsey Scott

18. Lily Aldridge

19. Erin Heatherton

20. Flavia Oliveira

21. Caroline Trentini

22. Aminata Niaria

23. Behati Prinsloo

24. Izabel Goulart

25. Isabeli Fontana

26. Abbey Lee Kershaw

27. Sessilee Lopez

Confirmed list

So there are anywhere between 3-8 spots left cause John said 30-35 girls. I really hope Angela, Julia, Oluchi, Maryna, Fernanda, Catherine, Lily D and Carmen are gonna be the last girls to be announced...Oh and a spot for the contestant winner

WTF <_<

where is russians?or even slavic girls.. Where?


Only Anna V from Russia?Damn(

Sessilee :yuckky:

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Sydney model Elyse Taylor joins Victoria's Secret

SYDNEY runway star Elyse Taylor is on the road to commercial modelling stardom after landing a coveted gig with lingerie giant Victoria's Secret.

Fresh from her Vogue Australia cover and ahead of a meeting with French Vogue, Taylor, 22, has landed one of five Pink Angels spots on the catwalk at the massive Victoria's Secret fashion show on November 19.

If Taylor impresses the right people, she could join Miranda Kerr as a Victoria's Secret Angel, not to mention the multi-million-dollar contract.

"I was so excited, I think all my neighbours think I'm crazy because I made so much noise," she said.

Taylor was recently linked with Kings Cross identity John Ibrahim.


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Well actually my frustration and anger has nothing to do with women in underwear & "costumes". My frustration has to do with the company itself. As a fan of Vs I don't like to be jerked around but thats just me. As for the show I'm excited about it and will do the same thing sitting back and enjoying it. Also if I feel like judging the outfits as I do every year then I will do so. That is all

I say this very nicely and I’m not meaning to start an argument:

Your message seemed very passive aggressive to me, and there’s really no need for that. First of all, I LOVE the VS fashion show and I count down the days till the next one the day after the first is broadcast. I, myself, HATE being jerked around by the company... but in the end… it really is just women in underwear. That’s what makes it funny; how a company has so many people on bated breath for scantily clad models. That’s the humor I find in it. I’m not making any personal judgments, and I wasn’t directing my ‘annoyance and hostility’ comment to any one in particular.

Second of all… I didn’t say you couldn’t or shouldn’t critique the costumes, in fact, I LOVE reading peoples thoughts on the show. I was merely saying that I wasn’t going to invest myself in the designs so much, because in the end, the show is for fun.

Again, I want to reiterate that I’m only trying to clear up any misunderstanding that came from my last post, and that this isn’t in any way trying to ‘call you out’ and what-not. I’m nicer than I sound sometimes. :flower:

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Well I'm sorry for my last post. I'm not trying to start sh*t with people even if other people think that. I'm like everyone else in here I'm just giving my opinions about whats going on. I get called out alot on here or other threads by others so I always go in to attack mode. I know you were just giving your opinion about the other posts and I respect that. So again not trying to start anything and sorry if I came across passive aggressive thats not what I intended.

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Found a video of Selitas fitting. Also spotted a picture of Anna J on the board.

its in the middle with the other videos. I would upload it to youtube but I have no clue how to do that


some screenshots of Selitas outfit. I have to say I do not like this at all. Its attacking her

12663175.th.jpg 97603340.th.jpg 48528503.th.jpg

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