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Baptiste Giabiconi


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Love him.....hate him...it is your choice. Few can deny, however, that Baptiste is truly an original! I :heart::heart::heart: him!

"Don't be fooled by the guitar, it's not just an image thing, young Monsieur Baptiste Giabiconi is getting ready for a serious breakthrough into the music career (or at least rumours say so), here are images from his official press kit. Photographer in charge was Francois Darmigny, you can visit Baptiste's official web page HERE." Source: Design Scene









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^Agreed, they are all so pointless and leave you with a confused feeling because you have no idea what exactly you just saw and how it is relevant to anything XD

i still hope he continues to make them just to see the hot people lol

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lol! you're so spot on there! Its like they're supposed to be arty and we're not supposed to get it but mostly they feel a bit indulgent and contrived but if he keeps casting hot male models I'll oblige. I'd love to see one with jon k. ;)

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Book - The Beauty of Violence by Karl Lagerfeld

Violence is NOT beautiful ... under any circumstances. :no: :no: I can appreciate his work, but I think he has crossed the line on this one.

Shame on Karl for this editorial! :shock:

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