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KARA's Nicole Going Back to School?

KARA's Nicole has been chosen as the star on the third season of Mnet's program "KAIST." KAIST (Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) is a prestigious technical school in South Korea and the show's premise is basically having camera's following her around as Nicole attends school. As many know, Nicole is from America and English being her first language, it might be difficult for her to study in Korean in a Korean University.

Until recently, Nicole had appeared on Star Golden Bell with her segment Level With Me. The PD for KAIST said "With her cute smile, quirky style and sexy butt dance, Nicole is immensely popular. We will be accompanying Nicole (who is a high school senior) on her sweet journey into college life."

Nicole will be following Seo In Young who appeared in the program's first season, Seo In Young's KAIST, and MC Mong, who was in season two's Dr. Mong Goes to Med School.

credit to allkpop

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