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The Bitch Thread


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and why won't daria be walking this season? :unsure:

nicole and i agreed on the fact that IMG is setting some special strategy for their #1 model :ninja: maybe they think if she isn't seen too much she will last longer ? she didn't walk for fall/winter2005 yet was everywhere the next seasons :ninja:

according to Faith, Daria is actually walking this season, but only for Chanel. I guess time will tell us for sure.

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I feel sick god damnit. :mad: Nothing new though, I always feel sick, I just feel sicker than usual tonight.

Someone get me ice cream for my belly, and then when you bring it back, don't say the word ice cream use like a code word, like "Crack" or something, "You got ma crack yo?". tard.gif

Hurry along now. :wub:

Eh, I'll just go get some in the kitchen myself, geez.. :dontgetit:

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Ahh no :o , I really didn't have any in the fridge, and I didn't make an attempt to actually chekc to see for sure either. Thanks for bringing it though, even if you did eat it, it's the thought that counts. :wub:

It's ok though, I have a fruit rollup very near me, I might be able to reach with the handy use of my key chain. :D I can taste that fruit rollup already. mmmmmmmm

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