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The Bitch Thread


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Yeah, I took a break for a few months cuz it got kind of slow on here... will probably have to take a break while I train for my promotion (If I get it of course, I'm very confident I will) but once I have my feet confortably under the table I will be back.

It's up to the members to make the site worth visiting by being funny.... so I suppose that us buggered !!

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does buggard mean screwed?

Some fat bastard just slammed into me!!!! We ride on cherry pickers, and reach trucks round here, and there is this temp guy thta I wrote up 16 times in a row yesterday for not having common sense, and today he slams into me! See, you're supposed to honk your horn while going through tunnels, and aisles, and this dude never does it... I go to make a left turn and "OHH SHIT!!!" BAMMMMM!!!!!!! Lucky for me there was no damage.... This guy needs to be canned.... My heart is beating so fast right now...

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You need to kick his fat arse out of Dodge, I used to drive a reach truck and they are so dangerous !!

I've only got 1 bitch today and that's people coming up to me giving me little notes asking me to call people.. that's not my fucking job and I'm very busy typing shit on here.... don't these retards understand that some things come much higher on my list of proiritys that fuckin customers...

Back to you Lazy.... why don't you either a) resort to underhanded tactics and sabotarge his machine to cause serious injury or death to him. Or b) be a sneeky and underhanded wimp and go grass him to the Boss, get him Canned.!!

I'd do both to improve your chances of 1 happening.!!

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hee hee...

Ok, a few things.

1) damage to company property is a loss for all of us, especially me in my position.

2) I already wrote him up, as I pretty much am his boss, save I am a 1st shift employee working on 3rd, so I had to report it to the 3rd shift manager.

3) this guy is already on his way out as he is mentaly inept, so I really don't need to do anything more, other than write him up for everything I can find. Mind you I'm not writting him up because I don't like him, it's my job to report errors, but I do love to do it. AND he likes the steelers. :yuckky:

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I'm gonna bitch about not being hung over... my god damn parents made me move out on Sunday... I don't think they realise how important it is for me to get blasted drunk on a Sunday so I save my hangover till I'm getting paid for it.... I ended up sitting watching TV for hours yesterday afternoon recovering from Saturday night and being too tired to even get up because of moving house. I'm not hung over... and it's killing me.

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