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same here. very low and with the both! :bounce: and worst that it seem to be about Pierre... i just checked your profil and oh surprise, i saw Fission in your mutual tastes! :blink: i was like "noooooooooooooooooo ?! this is a joke ?!" and yes this is. apparently you still doesn't love old school hip hop and you still "only" listen metal. at the beginning fission was an english band of electro/hip hop from the 80's and they are absolutely unknown and your band had stolen their name to my band <_< :yuckky: :evil:

anyway, now because of you i listen OM which i really love and oh so good surprise their bassist is a good friends with the musicians of my favorite band 31knots which are people i really love. so this is really awesome.

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Pierre that's why i put the "" because the majority of music that you listen is metal but there is nothing bad against it.

Limer, i'm deeply in love with Mozart. the problem with old classical music is the orchestra who plays the music... :ninja:

and i really rarely listen filter and alice cooper. when i was 8 or 9 years old my one of my aunts bought me the X files soundtrack :D and sometimes sometimes i listen it on my computer and this cd is pretty good of a soubdtrack. because of it i discovered William S Burroughs (the first song of my signature come from this soundtrack :p), Brian Eno and Elvis Costello, the Meat Puppets, Nick Cave and then just after the Birthday Party and Frank Black with the Pixies. means for a girl of 9 years old my musical tastes wasn't so bad... particularly when we know my father love barry white and lenny kravitz and my mother listen placebo, U2 and stuff like katy perry... :pinch:

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