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steve with an s

90s Model Mystery Devmorada

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1--basia milewicz -not 100% on the spelling of her last name

2--julie anderson

4-kathy fedoruk

6--ask 'korravai... she started a thread for her not too long ago.. i cant rememb er her name, gorgeous redheaded girl!

8--amber valletta

the rest... :idk:


julie anderson--post-16964-0-1445978846-58303_thumb.jpg

4--its Cathy fedoruk--post-16964-0-1445978846-58795_thumb.jpg

8--old school amber post-16964-0-1445978846-59263_thumb.jpg

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Thank you, Penny-d! And thanks for taking all that time to post in the extra pictures. That's very helpful. Thank you.

Amber. I was thinking I knew who that model was, and I just kept saying to myself, Oh, I know who that is! I know who that is! But who is it?!! :blink:

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my pleasure!

its cool to put my strange useless talent of remembering faces to use!

i cant remember what happenend yest.

but i sure can remember a face i saw 20 yrs ago!! :blink: :wacko: :rofl: :rofl:

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Valerie Jean Gardino

a sure-lock, red-headed ID league award

Wow, that comment was so obtuse that even I didn't understand what-in-the-hell it meant. And I wrote it. Somewhat recently, too.

But that model-ID reminded me of sluethish Sherlock Holmes ("sure-lock", as in "lock of red hair"), who solved the mysterious case of the Red-Headed League.


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