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90s Model Mystery Balpeace

steve with an s

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so, not Tasha Tilberg

Yes, agree. I know I am bad at Model ID, but if that was Tasha Tilberg, I mean, I didn't know I was that bad at Model ID.

tasha moto

Okay, I see. She's not in the model forum index! That's why I couldn't find her thread. (Tilberg is the only Tasha, and since you posted a link, I knew she had to have a thread -- got it!)

also, I think 7 and 9 are Marielle Macville-Drake

Do you mean 7 and 8? You, ID tease, you.

That looks like a good call, too. Marlowe's Composite Archive has a "Marielle" and looks quite similar. Thank you for your help!

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