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VSFS Runway Finest


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Fernanda white - pretty. Not a lingerie, I know. But it´s the only one I didn´t go like "WTF???" when seeing it.

Lima - pretty

Fernanda black - I like it and I hate it the same time. Gonna take some time to think :ninja:


KK - I just can´t get appeal of it. I tried.

I really tried.

No, it won´t work with me.

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Fernanda (white) - But yes, it IS a dress! <_<

Fernanda (black) - I stood up for this last time around, true. But I take the point, it does smack of novelty-shop 'sexiness'. And I'd like to think I'm classier than that... :whistle:

Karolina - I don't like it, but it's better than the next two.

Adriana -

Adriana - Floral prints on bras or lingerie and flowers on her crotch. VS should probably realize that this is not sexy... and it's been done to death and still hasn't come across as attractive :banghead::war:
Hey - same hymn sheet. SNAP!

Ana Beatriz - "Ana is so sexy she can wear anything" <Proof that actually, no, she can't. :blink:

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