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Miranda Kerr


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Yea well some things change...:)

WtF! Traitor... Girly if you're going there then expect Lisa, Whit and I to stare openly at you... and laugh, followed by more stares, and death threats.

Lucy you've got some splainin to do. CALL ME asap! :kiss:

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From the New York Post

Chelsea Boss Roman Abramovich invited the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Jay-Z, Usher, Jon Bon Jovi, Victoria Silvstedt, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr to a lavish New Years Eve bash at Nikki Beach Restaurant in St Barts over the weekend.

Apparently the private bash cost Roman an eye-watering £3million to throw or $5 Mil in US. No matter what currency, that's a lot of moola.

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Here's a new set of St Barths HQ pix of Orlando and Skippy with studio executive/movie producer Harvey Weinstein [01-02-2009].

It's obvious that Orlando is getting all moochy with the studio exec while Skippy just doesn't give a flying f*ck. She's probably thinking, "Where can I buy a damned Churro around here?"

post-18518-0-1446159596-76535_thumb.jpg post-18518-0-1446159596-77529_thumb.jpg post-18518-0-1446159596-79319_thumb.jpg



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