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Miranda Kerr


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To those of you that missed it or are planning to watch the rebroadcast of the 2009 ESPY Awards on ESPN to catch Skippy present an award.....DON'T BOTHER.

While Skippy was seen sporadically throughout the broadcast (she sat in front of Andy Samberg), her segment did NOT air during the broadcast. Why? Becuz Samuel L. Jackson had to waste 10 goddamned minutes singing and dancing as if anybody thought it was funny. Had they not shown that crap then MAYBE, just maybe, we would've seen Skippy present an award. Now we'll never know.

But there was a brief moment at the beginning of the show (during Sam Jackson's monologue) where it was clear that Skippy was quite disgusted at Sam's "supermodel" joke towards Ben Roethlisberger (from the Steelers). Regardless, I took some HD screencaps of the few times she was onscreen and here they are.


th_62338_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ1_122_143lo.jpg th_62339_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ2_122_498lo.jpg th_62344_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ3_122_183lo.jpg th_62346_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ4_122_98lo.jpg

th_62347_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ5_122_481lo.jpg th_62348_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ6_122_133lo.jpg th_62350_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ7_122_1197lo.jpg th_62351_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ8_122_591lo.jpg

Only by THIS guy!


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Remember how I said that Skippy was seen sporadically throughout the ESPY Awards? Well, I compiled all of those few seconds that Skippy was seen onscreen and it came up to a total of 20 SECONDS. Of course, I've got the HD video of all 20 seconds and it can only be seen right HERE. Be sure to click on the HD button for max power!

Hey, it's better than nothing!


Click on the thumbnail to view the HD Youtube clip!


An hour of editing only to come up with 20 seconds. Only by THIS guy!


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everyone loved the pics even the higher ups, i think i might get a raise

LOL... Are you guys hiring? (JK)

One note about these pics, Miranda's hair seems very, very light - almost blond. Perhaps it's just the sun giving it that color, but I don't like it. If she isn't going to go back to the very dark color that she had at the end of 2007, then I wouldn't mind if she went a bit more red or cinnamon with the color.

More pictures from Miranda's swim shoot







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David Jones Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Workshops

For those wanting to get a peek at the gorgeous Miranda Kerr in person, she'll be appearing in a number of fashion workshops as part of her role as ambassador for David Jones. The audience will be able to partake in a fashion question-and-answer session with Miranda, who will also spend some time signing autographs. Read on for days and times.

The Spring/Summer 2009 fashion workshops will be in Melbourne as follows:

Date: Friday 14th August

Times: 12.00 & 1.00pm

Location: Bourke St Mall, outside women's store



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