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Miranda Kerr


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miranda's myspace

She doesn't have one anymore....those pics are from her old real myspace where she had them without the tags.

what is her real my space...? you can pass me the link, pleaseeeeeeeeee :whistle:


if this is a poser they are pretty good.sure none of the pics are original all from photobucket etc same with most in her top friend BUT they do have tons of friends and if they are fake they have fooled alot of people. any thoughts????

abso friken lutely FAKE. :D

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Mirandas in the May 2008 issue of Australian Cosmopolitan, I guess theres like 8 pictures, here's a really small one.
thanks! hope we get some HQs soon :ddr:


Miranda Kerr, Cosmopolitan Australia, May 2008.

Photographer: Unknown.




Cute as a button :wub:

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I personally find the cute girl next door(Miranda in this case) a lot more desirable then the perfectly stunning girls of this world. Don't get me wrong i can certianly apprciate the latter. It's just i think i would rather go out with cute girl then the amazingly beauitful girl. . I dunno why maybe it's to do with that fact that someone like Miranda gives the impression that you can relate to her more then any other model. Such as the likes of Adriana Lima, Petra Nemcova etc etc who are indeed gorgeous women however imo i think they are just a little to perfect with thier flawless skin amazing bodies and great personalities(not to say Miranda doesn't have a great personality) etc etc and us "average joe's find it hard to picture ourselves with somone who is that perfect. If one of us ever did end up with somone like that i believe we would always feel we are punching above our weight..and probably always feeling we would have to prove ourselves that we deserve to be with somone that beauitful..Which would put a great deal of pressure on us. I am not trying to put ourselves down. I think we all have a chance with any girl. It just the likelyhood is that is the case. I believe it was Rouge(correct me if im wrong) who pointed out a major imperfection. Somthing to do with her face being a bit boxy(??) I believe it's reasons like that why us guys find her so desirable and why we fucking adore her haha :heart: imo imperfection is perfection(then again it could be down to the fact that i prefere the cute petite brunette above alll else :p ) I would also like to stress that i am not saying Miranda is unattractive at all..far from it infact I just think she isn't "perfect"(altho what is perfect in this crazy world :p :ninja: ) and thats why she is imo the most desirable women to me

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