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She was so different as a person, so much more... idk, she was soooo happy, carefree... Good old times, for sure. 



This. I don't think her PR team is bad. They have practically made Miranda a supermodel. I just think Miranda does not have the same bubbly, carefree personality she used to have, and dare I say it, has let the fame go to her head. Watch her videos from 2006/2007. It isn't the same girl. Yet, if you watch older videos of other models such as Adriana, Candice, Behati, Rosie, Gisele they haven't changed at all (personality wise).


It's hard to market someone who has an attitude like that. Her PR team can't just tell her to be bubbly and nice and carefree. That's all on Miranda.


Like this video,



In 2012 Miranda changed the agency. I think her team might not contain the same people who used to work for her before. It is normal that she is a different woman now. But  we don't talk about her personality - we talk about hurtful rumors.  You can find articles ( for example on Daily Mail ) with information: we asked Miranda's publicist - still no response. Which self-respecting agent does not defend her client?


Ps. There are also speculations that her team might create these gossips ( romances, car accident ) to make Miranda popular. I hope that Miranda draws conclusions from 2013 and she will think twice before she will do or say something in the future.


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I just think she needs to focus more on her work and less on this silly celebrity status. She has lost pratically all of her contracts in 2013. I hope she gets even better contracts and focus on keeping them. One thing her team has done right is they got her name out there, the way they went about it is another topic. Her team cannot force her to do anything she doesn't want to. They are all in this together to get the public's attention. I just miss her prior 2009 self. I wish she took a second and look at all the huge models like Gisele, Kate Moss, Adriana Lima these women rely more on their body of work than attention. Another model following the footsteps of these models is Upton. I just hope Miranda channels back the girl everyone loved in 2014.

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