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Magdalena Frackowiak


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Thank you so much for posting these, Baron. I really appreciate it. Looks like that first pic might've been the one Candice wore, but I can't remember for sure. Oh well. It would've been nice to see her there, but maybe we'll get something better instead.
^You're welcome - it's nice to know somebody is reading these queries, no?!! :hehe:
^ :wub: She's pulls off (what can be, in lesser hands, bland) this VS aesthetic so well - good to see her back in the "catalogue". Thanks...

Some more too:

post-11221-1323884455_thumb.jpg post-11221-1323884469_thumb.jpg post-11221-1323884497_thumb.jpg

post-11221-1323884509_thumb.jpg post-11221-1323884520_thumb.jpg post-11221-1323884536_thumb.jpg

post-11221-1323884546_thumb.jpg post-11221-1323884560_thumb.jpg

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Yes, yes, so nice to have someone answer the queries, Baron! And OMG, new VS!! She is rockin the new blonde hair! LOVE that pic with the orange shorty shorts and the legs all the way up to her eyebrows! :drool: I can't wait for them to start releasing some Magda swim pics! :ddr:

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