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Magdalena Frackowiak

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Numéro #127 October 2011


Model: Magdalena Frackowiak

Photographer: Ben Hassett

Stylist: Patti Wilson

Make Up: Alice Lane

Hair: Peter Gray

post-36249-0-1445990599-118_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990599-15824_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990599-17608_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990599-19861_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990599-20636_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990599-23046_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990599-24345_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990599-25999_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990599-27651_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990599-29446_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990599-30599_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990599-32704_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990599-52986_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990599-94855_thumb.jpg

Numéro #127 October 2011 via visualoptimism

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Magazine Antidote


Photographer : Giampaolo Sgura

Creative Director : Yann Weber

Stylist :Belén Casadevall

Model :Magdalena Frackowiak

Hair :Tomohiro Ohashi

Make-Up: Adrien Pinault

Manucurist :Elsa Durrens

post-36249-0-1445990601-76186_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990601-78926_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990601-80014_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990601-80751_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990601-82568_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990601-84968_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990601-86162_thumb.jpg post-36249-0-1445990601-88226_thumb.jpg

Magazine Antidote fb

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