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Francisco Lachowski


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Interview by by Victoria Zárate:

Victoria : What's your fave item of this ed ?

Francisco : The Guiliano Fujiwara shades. They totally rock !

Victoria : When did you start the modeling thing ?

Francisco : Not long ago, it was in January for the shows in Paris and Milan. *

Victoria : How were you scouted ?

Francisco : I won a contest in Brazil in December 2008. Then I got booked by agencies from Paris to Milan.

Victoria : What was the best assignment so far ?

Francisco : Dior Homme ad campaign.

Victoria : What do you miss from Brazil ?

Francisco : My family, my buddies, the beach, the food and the sun !

Victoria : How was your life before modeling ?

Francisco : Good question....

Victoria : What's your style ?

Francisco : Nothing special in actuality but maybe skatewear.

Victoria : What's in your iPod now ?

Francisco : Hip hop and rock music.

Victoria : What was the last gig your attend ?

Francisco : It'll sound weird but I've never been to any.

Victoria : The last movie you watched ?

Francisco : "Into the Wild", I loved it.

Victoria : Downside of modeling ?

Francisco : Being far from home and my family.

Victoria : Upside ?

Francesco : Traveling, meeting new friends.

Victoria : The best place you visited ?

Francisco : Indonesia.

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fran really does give off jeames dean vibes in this shoot , i love it

this is one of my favorite shoots so far

he seems to be a really chill person to hangout with

i'd take him to indonesia since i have family there ...and it would be awhile before i'd let him go back home to brazil :p ;)


and it looks will be getting even more pics ,here is anothers shoot francisco did



christmas came early i guess :p :dance:

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