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Your Favourite Lyrics


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Since I'm a rap fan, I'll start with my all time favourite lyrics.

Here's Sir Mix-a-lot with "I like big. . ." j/k :p


When I saw this thread, I felt like coming and posting some Big L lyrics, but MattLoveModels beat me to it. Anyway, L has way more to use. Here are some of my favs:

Big L is that brother you expect/

To catch wreck/ on any cassette deck/

I'm so ahead of my times MY PARENTS HAVEN'T MET YET/

(on "95' style")


Or, here's L talking about the devil:

It's the triple six/ In the mix/

Straight from H-E-double hockey sticks/

(on "Dangerzone")


And here's the one I always use, when I win a game, or a bet against my closer friends:

Battles I lose none/

I make crews run/

Gettin' fools done/

Got ten fingers but only use one/ smileyfucksa1.gif

(on "MVP")


And lastly, the closing lines from the first L verse I have ever heard:

Brothers wanna be L/ ladies wanna see L/

If I go to jail, you'll wear a shirt sayin "Free L!"/

(on "Size 'em up")


L's lyrics always make me laugh, or go Wow. :)

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RHCP - Wet Sand

"My love affair with everywhere was innocent, why do you care?"

John Mayer - Dreaming with a broken heart

"When you're dreaming with a broken heart, waking up is the hardest part"

Reamonn - Set of Keys

"Hope is a weakness you just can't afford"

Rob Pattison - Never think

"Cause without me, you've got it on, so hold on ..."

Kings Of Leon - Cold Dessert

I've never ever cried when I was feeling down, I've always been scared of the sound"

Kings Of Leon - Sex on fire

"If it's not forever, if it's just tonight, oh it's still the greatest" :heart:

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She told me then you shut up now and let me put that mouth to work

She told me I don't wanna be your friend sorry if your feelings hurt

She told me told walk in here stop wasting time you should be under the sheets

She told me Keep your lifes story to yourself Lemme show you how it's supposed to be

Animal Attraction - She Wants Revenge

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You'll never touch

these things that i hold

the skin of my emotions

lies beneath my own

you'll never feel

the heat of this soul

my fever burns me deeper than i've ever shown

-to you

You'll say you understand

but you don't understand

you'll say you'd never give up

seeing eye to eye

but never is a promise

and you can't afford to lie

Never Is A Promise - Fiona Apple

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that one a page before "common god, do I look bulletproof?" - priceless :rofl:

and I love in "Moulin Rouge" (sorry I post here but I ddon't where to post it)

"The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn, Is Just to love, and Be Loved in Return"

that's also from celine dion - nature boy

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