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Larry Scott


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Larry Scott

Height: 6'0.5"

Eyes: Blue-green

Hair: Brown

Shoe: 10 US

Waist: 31"

Agencies: View Management (Barcelona), Option Model Agency (Zurich) and Global Direct

Does this picture look familiar? Well it SHOULD, if you're a Lars Burmeister fan....for those who may not know it, but Larry was the ORIGINAL Acqua Di Gio model who first captivated viewers with his piercing blue gaze and adonis-like features!! :drool: Here are both models so u can see the similarities of their poses and gazes!! :wub:






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Larry's been around for a while now, but the reason I started his thread was because, unbeknownst to me prior to last year, I actually went to high school with him!!! :drool: I purchased our SacTown Magazine, and i saw the cover, and I knew about Larry doing the Acqua ad, but I had no idea he, too, was from Sacramento!! In fact, he grew up only 2 miles from where I still live, and his dad still lives here today....here's an excerpt from the magazine...i would type the whole thing, but it's long :laugh: also, here are pics of the cover and from inside....my scanner's still busted so i took these with my blackberry :whistle:






"He's the star of one of the longest-running print ads of all time - 10 straight years. The picture was taken for Giorgio Armani by on of the world's greatest photographers. Now, this Sacramento-raised supermodel has his piercing eyes focused on other pursuits. December 12, 1996 was just another day at the beach for Larry Scott. Having already shot campaigns for Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, and walked the runways for the likes of Donna Karan and Calvin Klein in New York, Paris and Milan, the supermodel was now in Malibu spread out on his chest in the sand. He was striking a pose for legendary photographer Herb Ritts, who hand-picked him to be the face that would launch Acqua di Gio, Giorgio Armani's soon-to-be new men's fragrance. Fast forward 10 years, and that same Adonic face, that now-iconic image, could be seen adorning the pages of major magazines like Esquire and People. Talk about winning the genetic lottery: that ad alone, including royalties, has netted Scott a cool $1 million over the years. Not bad for a day's work. 'We get there to the beach, and I just lay down and went like this,' explains Scott, recreating the moment when he gripped his left temple with his left hand. 'Herb was like, 'Scrim! Ba-ba boom!!'. And that was that - we shot it in 20 minutes.' And not like Larry, offers the model's equally down-to-earth father, Larry Scott Sr., a Sacramento resident for almost 40 years. 'He didn't let anything go to his head,' Larry Sr. says. 'If people ask him what he does for a living, he tells them he's in advertising and lets it go at that.' And while Scott now lives in New York and just brought a loft in Miami, he's still in touch with his Sacramento roots. In addition to visiting his father, Scott stops by his hometown to see Dr. Stephen Saffold, the same dentist he's had since he was 12. He grew up in the Greenhaven area. 'I didn't belong to any cliques, and everone hated me for that,' says Scott, whose John F. Kennedy High School yearbook listed him - ironically - as 'camera shy' two years in a row. 'I was a nerd, but I wasn't a nerd. I was a jock, but I wasn't a jock. I ostracized myself without trying to.' "

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yay, i was always shocked to find out lars wasnt the first one to do gio, its such a prolific shot. im glad that you started this thread because its well deserved

:flower: to you

Thanks bel!! that was very sweet of u to say!! :hug: it definitely is such a prolific shot like u said...in another part of that magazine Larry goes on talking about how the Acqua company wanted to replace him after his pic has been used for ten years with another model (Lars of course lol), and he was a little miffed that they had the model use the EXACT same pose as the one Larry did...i have to agree with him a little because after all, if somebody told u, "ok we're gonna replace u with somebody younger, but use the same pose u did"....well i'd be miffed too....but Lars did a phenomenal job as did Larry!! Thanks to Larry, being the original one for Acqua, sales for their company sky-rocketed!! That's why they used his pic for 10 yrs...now, Lars will continue to follow in Larry's footsteps ;) Let's hope that Lars's pic will be used for the next 10 yrs!!

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uhuh for sure! maybe it was a case of finding a different model so people would notice the picture more again. AND the fact they chose the same pose and nearly same lighting shows that they thought, well knew it works when larry did it. heck, they even picked someone with a similar name haha :laugh:

oh i know what's the chances of having somebody with a similar name lol....i do agree with u about the similarity of style of the pic...i guess sure, if it worked this long, why NOT use it again? i never thought of it that way :laugh: i do admit, when i go to my mall, and go into Nordstroms or Macys or Saks, i love going thru the fragrance department JUST TO SEE the Acqua pic of Lars lol....i remember i did the same when they still used Larry's pic :blush:

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haha, dont worry! thats nothing! me and hartigan saw sean o in a shop promo window and were talking about him quietly as i was looking at the clothes to buy,and this guy who worked there was like ooh do you know who he is? we started talking about him, now i get free sean posters.....huge! whether i want them or not :rofl:

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haha, dont worry! thats nothing! me and hartigan saw sean o in a shop promo window and were talking about him quietly as i was looking at the clothes to buy,and this guy who worked there was like ooh do you know who he is? we started talking about him, now i get free sean posters.....huge! whether i want them or not :rofl:

oh you're soooooo lucky lol....i tried buying an Andrew Cooper poster at the Gap but they wouldn't let me buy it cuz a worker had first bids on it lol...but my friend in LA was able to buy the same pic at HER Gap...she wouldn't give it to me lol..so from reading what u wrote, i don't feel too bad then cuz i thought i was the ONLY nut who ogles at the posters at the mall :laugh:

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