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The Other Malnutrition


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So yeah all this recent talk about vegetarians lately has made me crave the most unhealthy foods.

If you ever plan on eating yourself to death or just smoked 2 lbs of the good stuff, this is the thread for you...





As the illustration suggests, it is a hot dog, encased in hamburger. Then it is deep fried and served on a hoagie. It is topped with chilli, cheese, bacon, fried onions, a friend egg, and two fists full of fries on the side. Yes, you know you are salivating.

Deep fried cheeseburder:



First you take two frozen burger patties and put some cheese and bacon in between them. Next you dip it in batter and deep fry it. Assemble your burger, dip it once again into the batter, and deep fry it again. Serve with battered french fries.

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A partially deboned chicken stuffed with sausage, which is then stuffed into a partially deboned duck, which is again stuffed into a partially deboned turkey. Any gaps in the meat is filled with sausage. It can be roasted in the oven like a turkey.

KFC Famous Bowl (AKA. A Pile of Failure in a Sadness Bowl)


Mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, cheese, and last but not least popcorn chicken... Of course, popcorn chicken has come a long way over the years. I should know, my mom works at the company which has the Canadian contract for making it. It's the largest poultry processing plant in North America. That, however, doesn't mean popcorn chicken doesn't have enough MSG to give you an asthma attack in 30 seconds.

Twinkie Dog:


Classic hot dog. Not bad but still quite unhealthy on it's own... but instead of a hoagie or a hot dog bun, we use two deep fried twinkies!

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