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High Heels


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the first one are :woot: something I could wear :whistle:

They have these kind of plastic/silicone inserts to put in the back of your heels if the back of the heels is rubbing against your foot making a cut :pinch: But if you just bought a pair of heels it's best to use them and tolerate the pain at first since you have to break in the shoe ... meaning making it fit your shoes more properly and by using them 2-3 times a week for 4 hours they will stretch to comfort your foot a bit more. Also another trick is to find out what kind of heels work for you best, different feet can cause different kind of pain, it's best if you buy some that you know fit just right, meaning if the front of the shoe covering your toes already fits a little snuggle it's best if you don't get that pair, even if you really like them, most likely even with tricks you can't do much :/ or if your foot is skinny for some reason to try to find shoes with a little bit of padding on the side . Wearing moisturizer on your foot also helps in case the buckle on the strap on the heel starts hurting later :| . Just in case always bring band aids and never put all your weight into the front of your foot!!!!

Here are the inserts I'm taking about, they come for all kinds of heel issues :p


wow...maybe I should get these for my flip flops too because the back always hurts :laugh: btw thanks great advices :p

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^ oh wow :ninja:

well, the best way.... I think it's just practice. Of course, for the first time you should try wearing shorter and thicker heel, and then change it to taller and thinner heels... &of course I agree with other girls that you need to walk in them, not just stand up lol....

This summer, I wanted to try on my heels, and it was horrible :|

First of all, I definitely was standing up in them for too long (waiting half an hour for a bus, balancing my weight from one feet to the other but still... <_< ), and also, it got so hot later... and it wasn't too comfortable then :wacko: so back then, I remember when I came back home I felt like my feet sticked to the shoes so much it was even painful to take them off :| :|

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I adore high heels. They make your legs look fantastic and can compliment an outfit perfectly. I had trouble with them at first, but it wasn't difficult to get used to them. I tried practicing in a carpeted room. Getting used to walking outside and on marble and wooden floors was the difficult part. Going grocery shopping with heels is the best kind of practice. You walk up and down the aisles, slowly of course, while using the shopping cart for support. I still have trouble walking outside in the winter wearing high heels while it's snowy or icy.

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