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Josephine Skriver


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If there are any moderators out there reading - perhaps we could set up some sort of vote - if you are not inclined to take authoritative action. B/c I have certainly been PM'd with agreement. As such, I propose, we make a page in "female athletes" to dedicate to all these "JOJA" postings. The videos are double posted on these two beautiful angels' pages nonstop every day. Bellazon-er's are excited for their new content, and yet it is becoming overwhelming clips of them pretending to workout. 1. pretty sure anyone interested in that crap follows them on IG or other platforms (doubtful that anyone who wants to exercise while following their videos isn't logging on here in the gym or at the park to follow a workout that two genetically gifted people half ass through without breaking a sweat); 2. this is, I was under the impression anyway, the section for fashion models (the operative word being fashion, as nearly every woman with a page on Bellazon, from "other famous" through celebrity/artist does model, they use their likeness to sell/promote a product, but they're still in their respective category for their primary profession); 3. this crap is redundant. 

I mean no disrespect to either Jo nor Ja, and certainly not to any of my peers here on Bellazon. Just wanted to make a few points, if I am completely wrong, my bad. But can we please at least take this into consideration? Thanks. 

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1 hour ago, willmccarthy said:

Have they ever posted an actual full length routine or something to follow, or just these 10s clips?


Yeah, they have a YouTube channel with ~10 min vids: https://www.youtube.com/c/JOJALIFE/videos


I'm sure their 10s IG posts are for trying to build and market their brand.  Makes good business since they are no longer with VS.

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16 hours ago, TheDude2k said:

What makes Jo even more appealing... and how it probably went down:


Her agent: "Cannes or UFC?"

Jo: "UFC!"



Yeah, I don't think this what happened... she probably wasn't invited to Cannes.



Regarding Joja's content

I strongly disagree. I don't have Instagram so I really appreciate the content being posted here, it's Josephine related so I don't get why people are complaining about, that's insane. Better something more than something less. What may non interest you, maybe it's interesting to someone else... stop b*tching about it 😂

BIG THANKS to everyone who is posting this stuff. 

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