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Marlon Teixeira


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that video ,the finger licking /cake eating killed me ..that boy knows he's fine lol

marlon looks great in that new pic,with his hair shorter you see his eyes so much better,he has beautiful eyes hazel green-ish

but i still like when his hair looks like i-just-out-of-bed

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lol! finger-licking,lol! i agree, he knows hes a bond fide heartbreaker! but seriously what is his eye colour? some blogs say brown, and thats clearly obvious but others say blue (clearly smoking crack!) but your right riviera, its hazel-ish especially in pics like this


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marlon speaks english ?

it would be cool if he did ,if bare heard him speak portugese

i thought there would be translators present during shoots or shows

the leg drumming , i saw that too back in highschool me and my friends would call it drum disease becuz we were all in a brass band

and we would practice on our legs or windows for our festivals

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ooh i found this random art piece i think its him



it is him the person who makes these also made one of francisco lachowski

cool, do have a link for da francisco one?

yeah he's always drumming on his legs too. Gosh I notice weird things!

anyone have a video of him speaking english? If you need any translations I speak portuguese!

lol, i couldnt deal with him and da bloody drumming on his legs, im thinking: is there music playing or wat?!

but i do think he can speak english, just look at da video again, when he speak to terry richardson, im convinced he says im sorry or something, aroung 0:53 i think

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here are the francisco ones


http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3707033813/

i think the drumming can be fun ( i know it annoyed the hell out of my teachers back in school)

but he's gotta keep busy too :ninja: :laugh:

i think marlon likes to make his own music lol

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