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PlayGirl    0

Carole Bouquet

Frankie Rayder

Caroline Ribeiro

Jaime Risha

Karen Elson

Kate Moss

Shalom Harlow

Waris Darie

Kirsty Hume

Maja Latinovic

Kirsten Owen

Maria Carla Boscone

Mayana Moura

Carole_Bouquet.JPG Frankie_Rayder.JPG Caroline_Ribeiro.JPG Jaime_Risha.JPG Karen_Elson.JPG Kate_Moss.JPG Shalom_Harlow.JPG Waris_Darie.JPG Kirsty_Hume.JPG Maja_Latinovic.JPG Kirsten_Owen.JPG Maria_Carla_Boscone.JPG Mayana_Moura.JPG

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Rebecca    0

Kate Moss:


Estella Warren:


The Youtube videos with Estella Warren as little Red Riding Hood are very glamourous :D, Thanks for posting them Korravai :)

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66Lucy    0

*THANKS for the correction Kukim. Are they both actresses? Or just Carole Bouquet?

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Korravai    0

I liked what this critic from the Guardian (London newspaper) says about fashion:


I recently saw the film Lagerfeld Confidential for the erstwhile online review programme Culture Clash. If I'm honest, I've never had much time for the fashion industry. It always struck me as a nasty business: shallow and trivial, dealing in unhealthily dangerous, eating-disorder-thin bodies and a vile money-is-everything mentality. So I was surprised how charmed I was by this witty, intelligent film. I was more surprised by the similarities to theatre that kept suggesting themselves. After all, a fashion show is essentially theatre with all the parts that interest people removed.

Want to know what drama would be like with no script, no dialogue, no characters and no plot? Pop along to the next catwalk displays in Milan or New York. There's lighting, set, incidental music and, to paraphrase Peter Brook, "a person walking across the empty space, whilst someone else is watching them". But that's it. And it's absolutely not a play.

:laugh: LINK

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Korravai    0

THANKS my dear!

My Daily Chanel post...Schiffer edition:

I love this crazy hat!post-18834-0-1446145137-41348_thumb.jpgpost-18834-1213737238_thumb.jpg

Photos by Helmut Newton (not sure about the rest)post-18834-1213736975_thumb.jpgpost-18834-1213736995_thumb.jpg


claudia_chanel_1992__.JPG claudia_chanel_1992e.JPG claudia_chanel_1992h.JPG claudia_chanel_ad_2.jpg claudia_chanel_ad.jpg claudia_chanel_cover_from_goiaba.jpg 1992_93_Claudia_Moda.jpg

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Korravai    0

I always wondered who it was--now I know! Beri is so pretty!

:blush: Kiki~ :wub: they're great, you're the best!

I don't know who these models are... but perhaps a kind bellazononian will id her? :dontgetit:

Unknown___CHANEL_No19_adv.jpg unknown_chanel.jpg unknown_levres_multifacettes_chanel_ad.jpg Unknown___CHANEL_adv1.jpg Unknown___CHANEL_adv2.jpg

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