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Marpessa Hennink

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thanks Daily!!!! :blush:

img296.th.jpg my scan from Vogue Paris 1990

gorgeous! is that the only Nikos ad in that magazine? :blush:

Yeah, it is.

and Kukim.....AMAZING find!!!!! :blink:

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What's a Rexfeatures account? :huh:

This may not be her.. :whistle: ..but hey-she's gorgeous :laugh: post-34287-0-1446095562-64244_thumb.jpg

that´s Pat Cleveland maybe. she deserves a thread too.

rex features is a photo website like gettyimages or corbis. but one needs an account to get in


it's sabrina barnett



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Wow! :woot:

Hi Korravai, I'm Marpessa and I'm soooo surprised to have stumbled on this thread! You've got pic's of me that I haven't seen for ages and even not at all, especially the runway stuff. I would like to take this oportunity to thank you and your fellow bloggers for starting this, it means a lot to me! I will try to post some recent work although this site seems quite technical, unlike facebook which I can just manage :laugh:

Best regards,






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