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i saw her in milan in one casting .... i have talked with her lilbit so i know that she is still baby model . she is about 17 i think

1.78 hight 76-62-89..... i just know that she was in paris with studio klrp but no longer in... and she should be in milan this summer... maybe somewhone knows more?? her mother agency?//






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i found more pic :drool: and its great...

i whana know what other thinks???????????????? :whistle: am I crazy to think she can be good????????????????????????????

she have good body, i know dmax are happy hawing her, but the agency isnt wery good. it could be one of problem. but she is still young, strong face. and i looking on her about one year... but still nothing.

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i have talked with other girl from her agency...and yes she told me that she is in from last spring ...and i think its realy strange that she havent done anythink good in year......but i still believe in her ....i think she needs new pics something diferent ...... more strong..... she is going to milan this summer (i dont know the name of agency) but i hope its gonna be her time and she gonna show something more

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i have heard that her mother agency (dmax) has some pro blems with others agencys....and just or good working girl.. :blink: :ninja: :o there is more good girls about 6 or 7...but its strange ....if agency is realy bad (like it is ) why they are still in ??? :(





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thank you, model4ever.

maby, dmax is good and bad as well in one reason.

I dont know many girl from dmax who have big or just bigger job when casting of other agency , and one Eva have done bigger job. girl have potential, but picture is so bad... dmax havent show them models in lithuanian magazines ( they show but they should more) , so what about other country...

major image and baltic models have show thei girl on magazines, so everyones see what those agency is workig!

its strange, but dmax say that Giedre is in one of German agency. but i still found nothing....

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heyyyyyyy i found her on other web there is a lot of her pics ...i talked with her... so like she said she should go in milan next monght.... :drool: :drool: in BANDITS .....(dont know this agency :blink: )

and other problem is that like in september she couldnt go in paris because of school..... so and next year she will not trawell ....just in sumer.... but after school she will be able to trawell all time .... :laugh:

S7001399.JPG S7001339.JPG S7001299.JPG
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