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haha trial and error indeed

I figured the URL for the larger version of the pics wouldn't be too different from the thumbnail version, which I had originally confirmed in the case of JC Penney pictures. In their case, the url outright displays the width and height of the picture in the URL. So I took this idea and looked into La Senza picture URLs, only to find that it wasn't so obvious. So I messed around with a few of the numbers and stumbled upon that last digit as the effective one.

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Oh and actually, it used to be that the last digit needed to be replaced by a 5, not a 6. But they changed it recently, and when I tried the 5, I got sent back to the main site. Then I tried lower numbers and got smaller pictures (small relative to sizes I was able to get with the 5 before), then I thought, what the hey! I'll try higher numbers. And 6 was a winner.

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