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20 hours ago, Stormbringer said:

^ Never heard of him... sounds good.


He's a great guy. He was born in the US in the 1940s from a middle class family. He was passionate for music and he quit school just to dedicate himself to his passion. In 1970 and 1971 he released two great albums, but for some crazy reasons he didn't meet success in the US, so he became a worker (civil works and stuff like that).


While he became just a regular guy, he met some success in Australia/NZ where he made a couple of concerts.

But that's in South Africa that he met a very huge success (in the 80s during the appartheid). He even became a superstar (like platinum discs and stuff like that) :guitar: but he didn't even know it!!! (he didn't get a single penny from his success there)


Now in the 90s/2000s, thanks to internet he became famous all over the world and he learnt about all his fame in South Africa.

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Enrico_sw    0

^ His songs are perfectly balanced. The lines for each instrument are not complex taken separately, but they are very harmoniously put together, with melodious and deep lyrics. :guitar:  (at least that's IMHO)


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