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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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Another Leo sighting on Sunday  from Page Six 



Leonardo DiCaprio fails to go ‘incognito’ at brunch after Gigi Hadid date

Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t fooling anyone when he showed up “incognito” to brunch at Keith McNally’s French bistro Balthazar on Sunday.


The brazen restaurateur, who made headlines last month for calling James Corden a rude patron, took to Instagram to share his famed New York City eatery’s brunch report, in which a staffer described DiCaprio’s surprise visit that left other customers “starstruck.”


“One of the highlights of the day today was that Leonardo DiCaprio came in as a walk-in today just after we finished brunch service,” the employee reported. “His agent checked him in at the door and I seated him and his guest for transition on table 61.”


The report stated that the “Wolf of Wall Street” star, 48, came “in disguise” wearing a mask and a baseball cap.


“Despite being incognito, he was still very recognizable. Especially by starstruck guests,” the staffer continued.


Even though the Balthazar staff wanted to give DiCaprio VIP treatment, they were under strict orders from McNally, 71, to handle the Oscar winner like any guest.


“Some of the staff including me (I’m embarrassed to say!), wanted to do something VERY SPECIAL for Leonardo, but you were quite adamant that we do Absolutely Nothing for him, so we didn’t. Which is kind of a pity, but you’re boss. (FOR NOW!) Just joking!” the worker concluded.


It’s unclear who DiCaprio was dining with, and a rep for Balthazar did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.






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