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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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2 hours ago, oxford25 said:

Guess , I’ll have to go into the super spy mode if I ever hope to SEE his full  head of HAIR if he now wears a bb cap the whole time at his own private party !! :p 

For real, Scorpio Boy just hiding his gorgeous hair all the time😩

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Brendan Fraser and Leonardo DiCaprio both became some of the biggest actors of a generation when they starred in some of the biggest movies of the 1990s. While DiCaprio has continued to star in massive movies, and remain a fan favorite among viewers, Fraser has had a rough few years. However, now The Mummy actor is in the midst of his long-awaited and deserved Brenaissance, and he’s sharing sweet stories about his early days, specifically one about Dicaprio recalling the impact their first interaction had on him. 


Fraser worked with DiCaprio on Martin Scorsese's upcoming movie Killers of the Flower Moon, which is on the 2023 movie schedule. This was one of the first times they’d seen each other since they were young actors. The Whale star explained the first time they met to GQ, saying: 


When he was I think probably all of, I don’t know, 17, 16 maybe, he did Gilbert Grape. I saw it on the Paramount lot.


The article noted that Fraser is a couple of years older than DiCaprio, and they were both on the come-up at the time of this interaction. The Mummy star continued the sweet story about seeing the Oscar-winning actor for the first time on the Killers of the Flower Moon set, saying: 


I think I had just been in School Ties or something then, and I was, like, flummoxed but I just wanted to tell him, ‘Hear, hear. That was incredible.’ And he repeated that to me. He remembered me. He said: ‘You were the only guy who didn’t treat me like a little kid.’ He volunteered that to me. That was meaningful.


All the article below


Brendan Fraser Recalls A Sweet Story About Meeting Leonardo DiCaprio In The Early Days Of Their Careers | Cinemablend

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