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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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You’re like Wonder Woman always coming to our rescue with requested enlargements :flower:




So true about last year’s sighting of Leo dining with Quentin which probably involved the Once project


Also if you recall last year we had pix of Leo & George visiting Brad at his art studio which probably, also, was a visit connected to Once project 

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No new pix  , but we do have Twitter sightings of Leo at Disneyland last night


Hunner @hunterj0597 7h7 hours ago


Leonardo DiCaprio came through Thunder today and I just about shit my pants



David Garcia @Garcia3MVP 7h7 hours ago


I’m not sure if I recognized Leonardo DiCaprio or he recognized me just now 🤷🏻‍♂️. #DG3






Thanairi Mendoza @ThanairiM 6h6 hours ago


I made eye contact with Leonardo DiCaprio and wow what a manz





нαуℓєу ʝσу @littlemissballi 7h7 hours

So Leonardo DiCaprio loved @_markieWSTCOAST costume 😍

Bellow is follow up replies to this tweet







Drew @Mountain__Drew_ 7h7 hours ago


I escorted Leonardo Di Caprio on the parade route today 🙌









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Filming news :


According to Tarantino News they've been filming at Spahn Ranch and there are once again pix of Brad and Lena on Spahn set 


Also, according to Tarantino News ,  at the time when Charles Manson's group was hanging out there , also, a lot of stunt men frequented the area ,  so it may well be that the Spahn Ranch will be how Brad's character is connected to the Manson group , while Leo will be connected to Sharon due to being her neighbor







Tks for comments about Leo /acting from German actor :)


 Seems to me he  is right on the mark :p 


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