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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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Twitter sighting from tonight


Also in Leo's pal Reeza's insta story you can see footage of Dr Dre and others  performing , and LeBron James has same footage of people performing on his insta story


$eth  💸 @_SethMade 11m11 minutes ago


my cousin at a party in LA. LeBron, Leonardo DiCaprio & Dr. Dre in that bitch. should’ve just flown to LAX this morning.

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Leo is at Liberty Ross birthday party, she's music producer Jimmy Iovine's wife. DJ Khaled wishes her happy birthday in his instagram story. Swipe to the second video, Leo's friend Qtip is trying to get Leo up on stage to perform Scenario with him and Busta Rhymes but he can't find him.



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On  Thursday I posted this Twitter sighting from woman who saw Leo at bar ,  which we think was Goal


Below are some more of her comments about the sighting,  you'll notice she mentions Leo's pal Kevin 








Tks for  party vid  :) 


Looking at all the legendary hip hop artists performing , I'm sure Leo was having a great time


Probably when his pal Qtip was trying to find him to come on stage to rap with him Leo was thinking I'm not about to come after those legendary rappers :p 

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Leo was smart not to be up on that same stage as those hip hop legends ;)


Thanks Barbie for the filming news, pics and the HR list, ox for the Leo sightings and pics, calibi for the video and additional gala pics and bnkenobi for the HQ pics!


Amazing that Leo hasn't done a franchise film and is that high up on the list.


Welcome Tiger Lady :hello:

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