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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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Farrell knows all the tricks for navigating a long night of Fashion Week events. Over eight hours of party-hopping last Thursday, he shared them, along with war stories about his celebrity nemeses like Leonardo DiCaprio and Bill Murray, and that time he mooned Beyoncé.

It was a crowd that loved being photographed. But, as we walked to Tribeca for the night’s fourth party, Farrell recalled some less cooperative celebrities. “Sometimes, people just don’t like photographers,” he said. “There have been plenty of times when Leonardo DiCaprio just doesn’t want his photo taken. He will come up and ask to see a photo and have you delete it.”

As the event wore down, Prandoni recalled his own difficulties shooting Leonardo DiCaprio, on assignment in Cannes. “He grabbed my camera and took pictures of everyone else—some Kardashian was there—but we didn’t get him,” Prandoni shrugged. “He said we could give him the photo credit if we wanted.”

Farrell nodded wearily, as eight hours on the job ticked into nine. Around us, a flock of exotic dancers were extracting dollar bills from their G-strings and shedding bright yellow feathers from their headdresses.

Slowly, a look of realization crept over Farrell’s face.

“Wait,” he said to Prandoni, “are you saying we’re selling photos by Leo on our Web site?”




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New NY sighting of Leo , he was walking with Sean Penn ( I hope discussing Sean taking on role of main antagonist in Killers of Flower Moon )


Girl remarks she was surprised at how tall Leo was






olia_miagayz! can not imagine who just saw. favorite Leonardo DiCaprio ..did not expect him to be tall . I did not go up because I did not want to distract him, he was just walking with Sean Penn. #Leo


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Thanks for all the posts, everyone! :smile: I love his hair at the event. Mmm.  


Also I hope Sean doesn't sign on to be in the movie. If so, most of the Internet might "boycott" it and I don't want Leo involved in that kind of crap. Lol. (I already side eye Leo for being friends with Sean. But oh well. What can you do.) 



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