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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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Michael Caton Jones talks about Leo in this recent interview:


You're the man who first cast Leonardo DiCaprio in a movie in This Boy's Life and you got a thank-you in his Oscars speech.

(Laughs) He's a very well brought-up boy. I'd actually seen him a few months earlier and we'd talked. My memory was of being really hard on him but he said he wouldn't have swapped it for anything, that it was the making of him.

Did he need tough love back then?

He did, he was a wild boy. He was very talented but he could have gone either way. You couldn't have predicted what would happen to him. He was like a sponge back then. It's the same with Letitia – you get them at a certain age and you can really fill them full of good habits. Even more than Leo's performance in This Boy's Life, I'm really happy to have given him good habits that he's taken on.


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Our Leo sighting for the day


Guilherme DeNovaes@guilhermedenova 9m9 minutes ago

Currently having dinner next to Leonardo DiCaprio, no biggie





Tks for more great finds , love the comments by director Caton  :smile:

Also , tks, for IG pix, going by Leo & Nina's clothes , it looks like it was taken as same day as the pix of the two of them browsing at Le Primitive  in Williamsburg

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Thanks everyone for updates :flower:



There's no way Christie smoked next to Leonardo DiCaprio outside of Nobu & didn't even notice until after


Made eye contact with Leonardo DiCaprio today, so I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious.


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Today at the BAFTA Cymru (in Wales), Leo paid tribute in a video message to make-up artist Sian Grigg, who won the Sian Phillips award



The Sian Phillips Award was presented to the BAFTA-winning make up artist Siân Grigg by actress Sian Phillips who received the Outstanding Contribution Award from BAFTA Cymru in 2001, and after whom BAFTA Cymru have named their second special award. The presentation of the Award was preceded by three congratulations videos from Ioan Gruffudd, Suffragette director Sarah Gavron and Leonardo di Caprio.

Di Caprio said “It has been an incredible experience working with you. I cannot think of anyone in the world who is more deserving of this Award. You are truly inspirational and I hope to work with you for another 20 years.”


image.jpeg image.jpeg

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William H. Macy on Leo's Wolf of Wall Street scene


In the premiere you do a ton of physical comedy involving a wheelchair. How was that to film?
I kept thinking of Leo DiCaprio in 
Wolf of Wall Street. That’s one of the funnier bits in recent memory, he was just genius in that scene. I thought, Oh, I can’t beat him. It’s hard, boy, you get to doing two or three of those scenes in a row where you’re just dragging yourself up and down a stairs and you’re black and blue. It’s not fun very quickly, but they do a lot of the work with the cameras. I hope it’s funny. Did it make you laugh? 


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 Tweet from the  girl who is on TLC's Trading Places  who just saw Leo at JFK airport this morning before he left for Washington DC/ SWSL event


Paige Davis @RealPaigeDavis 6m6 minutes ago

Hi @leodicaprio. Did I just gawk at you at JFK? I found it funny 'cause I say your name everyday day right now in  #AnActofGod #Coincidence



Also according to SWSL Schedule,   Leo's  talk  with Pres Obama won't be 7:00 tonight



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