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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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Thanks ladies :flower:




So I saw this on IMDB. I know the Leo rumors about him making an appearance in Nolan's Dunkirk were denied...BUT what if it is a secret role/cameo that they don't want getting out? I mean nobody knew Matt Damon was going to be in Nolan's Interstellar until the movie came out. We know Nolan is super secretive with his film projects and we didn't even really know what Inception was about until we all saw it :rofl: It would be so awesome if it is true and they are keeping things hush hush :chicken: 


Anyways there was a french article about movies productions in France this summer and where the filming locations are:



and when you click on Dunkirk Leo and Tom Hardy's name shows up (pic from IMDB boards)



FINGERS CROSSED :woot::woot: 

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Some more Leo /Vegas tweets , the first is from a well known female poker player






Kara Scott ?@KaraOTR 10m10 minutes ago


Sat next to Jamie Foxx & Leonardo DiCaprio at lunch today as well (Vegas) but that pales in comparison to an impromptu dog cuddle.


Taylor Nicole ?@taybabe0250 2h2 hours ago

When Leonardo Dicaprio comes into your store but you care about your job so you stay put

...anyway ?@cocoabutterbb 2h2 hours ago

IM IN VEGAS AND I WAS JUST WALKING BEHIND LEONARDO DICAPRIO Face screaming in fear.pngFace screaming in fear.pngFace screaming in fear.png











Tks for Leo/Dunkirk /possible cameo appearance; all I know is I sure hope we see Leo in a film in 2017 :p


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Nice comment from senior UFC writer for Fox Sports about meeting Leo tonight at UFC200 Championship in Vegas  







  1. nf1l6ku7_bigger.jpeg Damon Martin ?@DamonMartin 8m8 minutes ago

    And I just met Leonardo DiCaprio. Bucket list item crossed off #UFC200UFC200.png 







Funny tweets

dan shapiro ?@dannyshap 21m21 minutes ago

Leonardo DiCaprio in the house to watch Anderson Silva tonight at #UFC200UFC200.png

  dan shapiro ?@dannyshap 20m20 minutes ago

Or should I say "reigning, defending Academy Award winning best actor" Leo DiCaprio in the house to watch Anderson Silva tonight at #UFC200UFC200.png


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Leo/Jewel nightclub /Vegas


If you go to snap below , the guy has vid of Leo at Jewel last night 


You'll hear Jamie tell crowd they have "an Oscar winning wolf" in the house & call Leo his soul brother 


Snap: JacoboWong 




Tks for another Leo / Vegas pix :smile:





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